TASK Volunteer Application

We appreciate your interest in volunteering for TASK. We offer a variety of activities you may choose from when volunteering your time. Simply complete and submit a volunteer application and upon approval you will receive instructions on next steps. Parents, please have your children who wish to volunteer, fill this out themselves.  They are important acknowledgements and require that THEY need to be aware of and agree to.

It is very important that the information you enter on the application matches your government issued identification card including your full legal name. It is important that you provide a valid email address so you can be notified as to the status of your application and for future communication. All information collected on the application will remain confidential and not be shared outside of TASK.


For those of you 18 and older, it is our policy to run background checks in accordance with our organization requirements to volunteer.  You must pass the background check and sex offender check to be able to volunteer with TASK. You must enter you SSN. It is hidden from us and kept secure in the system. If you are age 17 or under, you may put zeros (0) in the social security box as a placeholder.


TASK will not issue service hours if they are being done in accordance a court order.  We do welcome service hour projects for education, churches, high school students, college students and or corporate services hours.


If you have any questions about the application, please email Kortney Price our Program Coordinator at KortneyP@Taskstl.org.

Thank you,


Jennifer Pranger

Assistant Executive Director

Personal Information

Personal Information

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Phone number is required
Please note: An email will be sent to the email address entered to inform you of the status of your application.
School Preferences

Please select the schools at which you wish to volunteer


Please select the type of volunteer you are applying for from the list below. (select all that apply)


Please select the organization(s) on behalf of which you are volunteering (if not applicable, select "None")


Please read the disclaimer below and provide your signature

By providing your signature, you are agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations of TASK and agree to the following:


Maintain appropriate behavior and interactions with anyone at TASK

We want you and our participants to enjoy your time at TASK! However, we have a zero-tolerance policy against anything that would put our participants in an unsafe position whether that be physically or emotionally. If you leave or lose your buddy, or if you are encouraging them to say or do inappropriate things you may be asked to leave and not return to TASK. The relationship between TASK and volunteers is an "at will" arrangement that may be terminated at any time without cause by either the volunteer or TASK. At that point, any hours you have accumulated could be erased depending on the severity of the situation.


Phone Policy

We require that phones be left at home, in the car or turned in at the front office during the camp day. If you are seen with your phone, we will ask you to turn it in at the front office. If we see you with your phone a second time, you will be asked to leave for the rest of the day and the hours for that day will not be counted.


Background Check

One or more of the volunteer activities you have selected may require you to provide your United States social security number so we can perform a criminal background check if you are over the age of 18. Your social security number will only be used for this purpose, and we do not retain this information.



I grant TASK permission to use my likeness, voice and words in television, radio, film or in any form to promote activities of TASK.

Confidential information

In the course of volunteering for TASK, I understand I may be dealing with confidential information, and I agree to keep said information in the strictest confidence.

I am the person filling out this form

I declare that I am the person referred to in this application, that the information supplied herein is true to the best of my knowledge, that I have read and understand this application and further understand that any false, misleading, or incomplete information substituted for accurate information will be grounds to immediately disqualify me from further consideration or remove me as a volunteer with TASK.

Claims and Injury

I do hereby release and forever discharge TASK, its agents, employees and volunteers from all claims and demands, actions and causes of action, damages, cost, loss of service, expenses and compensation on account of, or in any way growing out of bodily injuries, property damage, sickness and/or disease resulting, or to result from any accident that may occur as a result of, or on account of the participation in the TASK league, day program or TASK activities, whether the result of the negligence of TASK, it agents, employees or volunteers.

By signing your name you agree to all the above statements. Use the mouse or touch screen to sign.

Thank You

Thank you! Your volunteer application has been successfully submitted and will be reviewed per the TASK's volunteer policy. In the near future, you will be notified as to your volunteer status. If you have any questions, please request to speak with a volunteer representative. Please allow at least 48 hours for notification. Check you spam or junk folder before contacting TASK.

Thank you,

Jennifer Pranger

Assistant Executive Director