Thornwell Volunteer Application

We appreciate your interest in volunteering at Thornwell! We offer a variety of activities you may choose from when volunteering your time. Simply complete and submit a volunteer application and upon approval you will receive instructions on next steps.

It is very important that the information you enter on the application matches your government issued identification card including your full legal name. It is important that you provide a valid email address so you can be notified as to the status of your application and for future communication. If you are unable to provide an email address, you can use the volunteer email address. All information collected on the application will remain confidential and not be shared outside the volunteer program.

If you have any questions about the application, please email Jenny Turner at jturner@thornwell.org or call at 864-923-5127.

Thank you,

Jenny Turner

Community Engagement Coordinator





Personal Information

Personal Information

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<p>Please note: An email will be sent to the email address entered to inform you of the status of your application. If you do not have access to email, please enter jturner@thornwell.org and the Community Engagement Coordinator will call you regarding the status.</p>
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The following documents are required to complete your volunteer application. Upon submission of your application, the Community Engagement Coordinator will contact you within 7 business days and will email you the following documents to complete. The only item needed at this time is a front copy of your driver's license. 

Please note your application will not be reviewed until the required documents are completed and returned to the Community Engagement Coordinator. Please reach out to Jenny Turner, Community Engagement Coordinator, with any questions (jturner@thornwell.org or 864-923-5127). 





Please select the organization(s) on behalf of which you are volunteering (if not applicable, select "None")


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By providing your signature, you agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Thornwell Volunteer Program. One or more of the volunteer activities you have selected may require you to provide your United States social security number so we can perform a criminal background check. Your social security number will only be used for this purpose, and we do not retain this information.

By signing your name you agree to all the above statements. Use the mouse or touch screen to sign.

Thank You

Your volunteer application has been successfully submitted and will be reviewed by the Community Engagement Coordinator. Within 7 business days, you will be notified upon the approval of your volunteer status. If you have any questions, please reach out to Jenny Turner, Community Engagement Coordinator (jturner@thornwell.org or 864-923-5127). Thank you!