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Thank you for choosing to volunteer with the Metro YMCA of the Oranges. Our Association relies upon volunteers such as yourself to carry out our mission. At the Y, strengthening community is our cause. Our mission is to strengthen community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. We are pleased to welcome you to our team of volunteers and look forward to engaging with your interests. We believe volunteers are a vital part of achieving our mission for the community. 

The YMCA offers several types of opportunities for volunteers. The first step in the volunteer application process is to complete an online application that includes personal information needed to review your interests. Completing the application does not guarantee acceptance into the volunteer program. The YMCA's number one priority is safety to all members and participants in our programs. To that end, all volunteers must agree to a Criminal Background Check and reference process. 

In addition to the screening process, the Y believes in providing training for volunteers in order to have a well-rounded understanding of the YMCA organization, but also specific education for you to perform your volunteering. Once your application is submitted, you will be notified with next steps on how to access and log-in to the systems. In order to be eligible for volunteering at the Y, all required training will need to be completed. 

The relationship with Metro YMCA of the Oranges and its volunteers is an "At Will" arrangement and may be terminated at any time without cause by either the volunteer or Metro. 

We hope that you will have a rewarding and fulfilling volunteer experience with us!

- The Metro Y Team

Personal Information

Personal Information

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Please note: An email will be sent to the email address entered to inform you of the status of your application. If you do not have access to email, please enter volunteer@metroymcas.org and a district administrator will call you regarding the status.
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I certify that all information that I have provided in order to apply for and secure volunteer work with the YMCA is true, complete and correct, and I understand that any information provided by me that is found to be false, incomplete or misrepresented in any respect, will be sufficient cause to (i) cancel further consideration of this application, or (ii) immediately discharge me from the YMCA’s service, whenever it is discovered. 

I expressly authorize, without reservation, the YMCA, its representatives, employees or agents to contact and obtain information from all references (personal and professional), employers, public agencies, licensing authorities and educational institutions and to otherwise verify the accuracy of all information provided by me in this application, resume or job interview. I hereby waive any and all rights and claims I may have regarding the YMCA, its agents, employees or representatives, for seeking, gathering and using such information in the volunteer onboarding process and all other persons, corporations, organizations for furnishing such information about me. I am aware that I have the right to make a written request for disclosure of the nature and scope of any report that may be ordered. 

I understand if I am offered a volunteer opportunity, the YMCA will conduct a criminal background check prior to and during my volunteer service as well as a child abuse registry check and I am subject to random, accident follow-up, and for cause drug testing, as well as post offer drug screening . 

I am not a child molester, abuser or pedophile; and have not been accused of being a molester or abuser. 

I understand that the YMCA does not discriminate in appointing volunteers on the basis of race, color, veteran’s status, religious creed, national origin, sex, ancestry, or age; or on the basis of a handicap not limiting the applicant’s ability to perform satisfactorily the job available. The YMCA will give this application every reasonable consideration. However, in accepting it, the YMCA makes no commitment of offering a volunteer position to the applicant. 

I understand that this application remains current for only 60 days. At the conclusion of that time, if I have not heard from the YMCA and still wish to be considered for volunteer services, it will be necessary to reapply and fill out a new application. 

If I am appointed as a volunteer by the YMCA, I understand that my volunteer services can be terminated, with or without cause and with or without notice, at any time at the option of the YMCA or myself. I understand that neither the policies of the YMCA, nor any other written or verbal communication by a manager or director of the YMCA, are intended to create a contract of service or a warranty of benefits. 

I consent that photographs and/or videos that may be taken of me by the YMCA are property of the YMCA and may be reproduced as the YMCA desires, free from any claim on my part. 

I certify that, if appointed as a volunteer, I will abide by all rules and regulations of the Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges. 

I have read the above statements and accept the same as a condition of my consideration for volunteering with the Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges. 


Volunteer Management Policies Acknowledgement:

Please download the Volunteer Management Policies Handbook by clicking the following link: https://docs.google.com/a/metroymcas.org/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=bWV0cm95bWNhcy5vcmd8c3RhZmZ8Z3g6NjUyNGQ0Mzc5NzRlMzIxOQ

I understand that the Handbook is not intended to be comprehensive or to address all the possible applications of, or exceptions to, the general policies and procedures described. I further understand that if I have any questions concerning the applicability of a policy or practice to me, I shall address my specific questions to my program supervisor or the Department of Human Resources. 

I understand that neither this Handbook nor any other document, confers any contractual right, either express or implied, to remain a Y volunteer and does not confer any employment rights upon me.  

I understand my participation as a Y volunteer is solely at the discretion of the Metro Y.  I agree that this means that regardless of any provision in the Handbook my participation with the Y may be terminated with or without cause and without prior notice by the Y, or I may resign as a volunteer for any reason at any time.  I understand that the Y does request that I provide at least two weeks’ notice prior to resigning from my volunteer position to provide adequate time to obtain suitable coverage.  I acknowledge that no supervisor or other representative of the Y (except the President and CEO) has the authority to enter into any agreement that changes my volunteer status or to guarantee that I will serve as a volunteer for any specified period of time, or to make any agreement contrary to the above. 

I agree that the Metro Y has the right to revise, supplement or rescind the policies described in the Handbook or to modify or deviate from them at any time without notice, in its sole discretion.  

I understand that the policies stated in this Handbook supersede and invalidate all prior policies, guides or other manuals covering the same subject matter. 

By signing your name you agree to all the above statements. Use the mouse or touch screen to sign.

Thank You

Congratulations! You are on your way to becoming an approved volunteer with the Metro YMCA of the Oranges! Your volunteer application has been submitted and will be reviewed per our volunteer policy. A YMCA representative will contact you shortly to discuss your next steps.

All applicants will need to conduct a reference check and complete required online training. Applicants 18 years of age and older will also need to complete a background check.

If you have any questions, please request to speak with the volunteer representative for your YMCA location:

  • Association Services: Brian Sheafer, bsheafer@metroymcas.org
  • East Orange YMCA: Tommy Donaldson, tdonaldson@metroymcas.org
  • Fairview Lake YMCA: Jennie Griffin, jgriffin@metroymcas.org
  • YMCA of Greater Bergen County: Mary Soto, msoto@metroymcas.org
  • South Mountain YMCA: Tommy Donaldson, tdonaldson@metroymcas.org
  • Sussex County YMCA: Corey Brown, cbrown@metroymcas.org
  • Wayne YMCA: Joyce Fein, jfein@metroymcas.org
  • West Essex YMCA: Toni Brannick, tbrannick@metroymcas.org

Thank you!

- The Metro Y Team