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School Visitor and Volunteer Guidelines

Greenville County Schools (GCS), in an effort to ensure the safety of all of our students, is implementing additional security checks for school volunteers.   Effective immediately, all volunteers must submit an online application and receive clearance from the district before volunteering at any school or chaperoning any school field trip.  Volunteers are now identified by two different categories: Level 1 or Level 2. All applicants, regardless of Level 1 or Level 2, must be 18 years of age or older with the exception of a field trip chaperone Level 2 must be 21 years of age or older. LEVEL 2 APPLICATIONS CAN TAKE UP TO TWO (2) WEEKS FOR APPROVAL. Please review the details below: 

*** If you are using a phone to complete this application, rotate phone on it's side to see all selections more clearly, particularly on step #4.***

LEVEL 1 Volunteer:

1. Complete this online application and select the functions you are interested in.

2. You must sign in each time you volunteer at school during which a Sex Offender Registry check is conducted.


LEVEL 2 Volunteer: Field Trip Chaperone (must be 21 or older), Mentor, Tutor, Classroom Assistant. **A valid social security number is required to complete a background check** LEVEL 2 APPLICATIONS CAN TAKE UP TO TWO (2) WEEKS FOR APPROVAL.

1. Complete this online application, select the LEVEL 2 functions you are interested in, and pass the criminal background check.

2. You must sign in each time you volunteer at school during which a Sex Offender Registry check is conducted.

3. Chaperones for field trips and those functions that may permit one-on-one contact with students are required to be LEVEL 2 volunteers.

4. The Criminal Background Check does not pull or review your credit history in any way. Level 2 status background check is good for three years.

5. In step #4, you must select at least one of the LEVEL 2 functions to start a background check (step#7 requires a valid social security number). All other functions are for LEVEL 1. If you are using a phone, rotate phone on it's side to see selections more clearly. 

Our primary responsibility is to safeguard our children and ensure we are in compliance with the identified guidelines. Thank you for your cooperation as we work with our stakeholders to complete this process. All volunteers will be required to remain in the presence of a GCS employee at all times until applications for LEVEL 2 are approved. Please feel free to contact your child’s school if you have questions.







Personal Information

Personal Information

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Please note: An email will be sent to the email address entered to inform you of the status of your application. If you do not have access to email, please enter cajordan@greenville.k12.sc.us and a district administrator will call you regarding the status.
School Preferences

Please select the schools at which you wish to volunteer


Please select the functions from the list below. (select all that apply)


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Please read the disclaimer below and provide your signature


Volunteer Guidelines, Policies, and Procedures Introduction

  • Volunteer Level I:  volunteer must be in the presence of and supervised by GCS employee at all times.  The volunteer must have a National Sex Offender Registry check conducted every time (s)he volunteers at the school.
  • Volunteer Level II:  status allows interaction with students without a GCS employee immediately present.  A volunteer must have a National Sex Offender Registry check run every time (s)he volunteers at the school, in addition to a criminal background check.
  • All Level II Volunteers must watch the Safe School Climate video annually, which can be found at The Safe School Climate Act.
  • All Volunteers must read and agree to the Volunteer Training and Orientation document found here Training and Orientation 
  • Greenville County Volunteer Page

Volunteer II Investigative Reports

Greenville County Schools (“the Company”) may obtain information about you for purposes of evaluating your application as a Level II Volunteer from a consumer reporting agency (“Agency”), JD Palatine, 301 Grant Street, Suite 3400, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, (877) 745-8525 ext. 1, or another outside organization.  Agency’s privacy policy can be found at http://www.jdpalatine.com/privacy-policy/.

I acknowledge receipt of the DISCLOSURE AND AUTHORIZATION REGARDING BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION and SUMMARY OF YOUR RIGHTS UNDER THE FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT and certify that I have read and understand both of those documents.  I acknowledge that I may request a hard copy of these documents after electronically agreeing to the background check by calling JD Palatine at (877) 745-8525, ext. 1. 

In connection with my application as a Level II Volunteer, I understand that investigative reports may contain public record information about me, which may include criminal or driving records, as well as an “investigative consumer report” containing information concerning my character, general reputation, personal characteristics, and mode of living.  To this end, I hereby authorize, without reservation, any law enforcement agency, administrator, state or federal agency, institution, school or university (public or private), information service bureau, employer, or insurance company to furnish any and all background information requested by JD Palatine, 301 Grant Street, Suite 3400, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, (877) 745-8525 ext. 1, www.jdpalatine.com, or another outside organization acting on behalf of Greenville County Schools (“the Company”), and/or the Company itself.  You may request additional information regarding the nature and scope of an investigative consumer report, if any, by contacting the Company.

Submitting Volunteer Application

I understand that by signing my name and clicking on the “Next” button below, constitutes my electronic signature, dated as of when I click on the “Next” button, and that by doing so:

  • I am authorizing the Agency to conduct and prepare the background report(s) about me, including “investigative consumer reports,” and to the furnishing of said report(s) to the Company for the purpose of assisting the Company in making a determination as to my eligibility as a Level II Volunteer.
  • I understand that if I am approved as a Level II Volunteer, the Company may obtain additional consumer reports and investigative consumer reports about me any time during my Volunteer II service without asking for my subsequent authorization.
  • I attest that the information provided on the Level II Volunteer Application is accurate and complete.  I understand that any false statements or omission of facts may be cause for disqualification and/or dismissal from volunteer service as a Level II Volunteer.
  • I agree that a facsimile (“fax”), electronic, or photographic copy of this Authorization shall be as valid as the original.
  • I further understand that The School District of Greenville County will not be responsible for any personal injury or property loss that may occur to me while performing volunteer services.

By completing this application, I agree to abide by the policies and procedures of The School District of Greenville County Board of Trustees and its facilities while volunteering and that I have read the Volunteer Guidelines, Policies, and Procedures and viewed The Safe School Climate Act video.


By signing your name you agree to all the above statements. Use the mouse or touch screen to sign.

Thank You!

Your volunteer application has been successfully submitted and will be reviewed per the district's volunteer policy. In the near future, you will be notified as to your volunteer status by email. If you have submitted an application for a Volunteer II level position your application may take additional time to review.

Thank you,

Greenville County Schools