Elevate Elementary Volunteer Application


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Elevate Elementary. Please indicate all volunteer teams that interest you. "SM" refers to the Serra Mesa Campus (Grades K-3) and "TS" refers to our Tierrasanta Campus (Grades 4 & 5). For all volunteer details, please visit Elevate's Volunteer Info page at www.elevateschool.com.

When filling out this application, it is very important that the information you enter matches your government issued identification card including your full legal name. It is important that you provide a valid email address so you can be notified as to the status of your application and for future communication. If you are unable to provide an email address, you can enter the school's email address.

You will also be asked to upload a copy of a recent TB test. If you are unable to upload it during the application process, you may turn it into the school office. TB tests are required and valid for four years.

The last page of this application includes a $15 background check. If this is a financial hardship, please inquire at volunteer@elevateschool.com prior to submitting this application. Scholarships can be made available.

All information collected on the application will remain confidential and not be shared outside the volunteer program. If you have any questions about the application, please inquire with the school office. Thank you.

Elevate Elementary


Personal Information

Personal Information

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Phone number is required
Please note: An email will be sent to the email address entered to inform you of the status of your application. If you do not have access to email, please enter info@elevateschool.com and a district administrator will call you regarding the status.
School Preferences

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The following documents are required by the state to authorize clearance within this school district.


Please select the organization(s) on behalf of which you are volunteering (if not applicable, select "None")


Please read the below and provide your signature

As a volunteer, I agree to abide by the following code of volunteer conduct: 
- Immediately upon arrival, I will sign in at the main office or the designated Volunteer Kiosk.
- I will wear or show volunteer identification whenever required by the school to do so. 
- I will use only adult bathroom facilities. 
- I agree to never be alone with individual students who are not under the supervision of teachers or school authorities. 
- I will not contact students outside of school hours without permission from the students’ parents. 
- I agree not to exchange telephone numbers, home addresses, e-mail addresses, or any other home directory information with students for any purpose unless it is required as part of my role as a volunteer. I will exchange home directory information only with parental and administrative approval. 
- I will maintain confidentiality outside of school and will share with teachers and/or school administrators any concerns that I may have related to student welfare and/or safety. 
- I agree to not transport students without the written permission of parents or guardians or without the expressed permission of the school and submit proof of insurance before transporting Elevate Students. 
- I will not disclose, use, or disseminate student photographs or personal information about students, self, or others. 
- I agree to follow the school’s procedure for screening of volunteers. 
- I agree to notify the school Administration if I am arrested for a misdemeanor or felony sex, drug, or weapon related offense. 
- I agree only to do what is in the best personal and educational interest of every child with whom I come into contact. 
- I agree to submit a valid negative TB test. 

One or more of the volunteer activities you have selected may require you to provide your United States social security number so we can perform a criminal background check. Your social security number will only be used for this purpose and we do not retain this information.

By signing your name you agree to all the above statements. Use the mouse or touch screen to sign.

Please enter your payment information

A criminal background check is required and there is a fee associated with the screening.

Payment is necessary to complete your volunteer application. If this is a financial hardship, please inquire at volunteer@elevateschool.com. Scholarships can be made available.

Volunteer Application

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Thank You

Your volunteer application has been successfully submitted and will be reviewed per Elevate's volunteer policy. In the near future, you will be notified as to your volunteer status. If you have any questions, please contact the school office.