District Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Volunteer!

A Volunteer is a parent, community member or other adult who assists at a school site or program on a regular or semi-regular basis before, during or sometimes after school hours. Your participation enhances the overall program for our students.

The District allows for approved volunteers to be on school campuses. To be considered a Volunteer, please submit an application for review. Once your application has been approved, you will receive an email from our Raptor System indicating you have been cleared to volunteer.

It is recommended that you apply on a PC, as applying on a mobile device may present screen formatting issues and cause your submission to be denied. If applying on a mobile device, please have your phone in landscape mode, so that all text can be accurately displayed.

Please make sure to have ALL your required documents ready to upload BEFORE beginning the application

To provide maximum safety for all NMUSD students and employees, please review the requirements outlined for each level of volunteerism on our District Volunteer Information webpage:

The application will also adapt and prompt you to upload required documents based on the level of volunteer title you select.

Some important reminders:

  • All volunteers are expected to follow COVID-19 safety protocols while on campus. 

  • As provided in Education Code 45125.1(c), the determination of what constitutes limited contact will be determined by the District based upon the totality of circumstances, including factors such as the length of time the volunteers will be on the school grounds, whether students will be in proximity with the site where the volunteers will be working, and whether the volunteers will be working by themselves or with others.
  • TB test/assessment results must have a screening date completed within the last 60 days. 
  • It is important that the information you enter on the application matches your government issued identification card. A valid email address is required, so you can be notified of the status of your application and for future communication. All information collected on the application will remain confidential and not be shared outside the volunteer program.

If you have any questions, please visit our webpage or email syu@nmusd.us.

Thank you,
District Volunteer Coordinator

Personal Information

Personal Information

I don't have a middle name
Phone number is required
Please be aware that certain convictions need not be reported (See Cal. Code Regs., title 2, § 11017 and Labor Code sections 432.7 and 432.8). Regardless of California Code of Regulations, title 2, section 11017 and Labor Code sections 432.7 and 432.8, you must report all convictions for sex and/or drug offenses specified in Education Code sections 44010 and 44011 and any convictions for serious or violent felonies specified in Penal Code sections 667.5 and 1192.7. Convictions set aside pursuant to section 1203.4 of the Penal Code should be disclosed, and such convictions are by law convictions for purposes of this question. If you answered "no" to the question above, please enter N/A in the response area. Do you currently have any offenses pending against you in a criminal court of law for which you are out on bail or have been released on your own recognizance pending trial? If “yes,” please specify the charge(s), the City, County, and State in which the charge(s) is/are pending, and date of trial, if set in the space provided below. Any information provided in connection with a yes response will be kept confidential in Human Resources. Please note: An email will be sent to the email address entered to inform you of the status of your application. If you do not have access to email, please enter snakano@nmusd.us and a district administrator will call you regarding the status.
School Preferences

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The following documents are required by the state to authorize clearance within this school district.


Please select the organization(s) on behalf of which you are volunteering (if not applicable, select "None")


Please read the disclaimer below and provide your signature

I hereby indemnify hold harmless and release the Newport-Mesa Unified School District (NMUSD), its governing board, officers, employees, and agents from any and all liability claims, demands, injuries or death, losses, or damage which may be incurred during the course and scope of my volunteer activities with the Newport-Mesa Unified School District.

I understand that volunteers are not compensated, and that I may only provide assistance under the direction and supervision of an employee of the Newport-Mesa Unified School District. I understand that my volunteer services are at the discretion of the Board through its designee, the site principal/administrator, and that my services may be terminated at any time. I understand that volunteers are covered under the District's Worker's Compensation Policy. 

I understand and agree to comply and follow the District COVID-19 safety protocols.

By providing my signature, I herby certify that all statements made on this form and any attachments are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and authorize investigation of all statements herein recorded. 

By signing your name you agree to all the above statements. Use the mouse or touch screen to sign.

Thank You

Your volunteer application has been successfully submitted and will be reviewed per the district’s volunteer policy. In the near future, you will be notified as to your volunteer status. If you have any questions, please request to speak with a volunteer representative.